Corporate Sponsors We would like to take the time to thank our corporate sponsors, who are carefully chosen for the quality products and services that they provide.. Each of them are first in their class and at the same time offering excellent value to their customers. Many of the wonderful products they provide are featured throughout our pages and in the running of our programs. Please take the time to visit their pages.

Linked In 200 million+ members. Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities. Customer relationship management (CRM) software & cloud computing from the leader in CRM solutions for businesses large & small.

Bluehost We have been with Bluehost with over 13 years and their service is unmatched. Their uptime is uninterrupted, access to customer service takes only minutes online, and they always have been courteous and helpful. The prices that they offer are a real value to their customers. We turned to Bluehost for sponsorship because we believe in their service, period.

Smarteker Smartketer is the maker of snacktools, a free product that helps web designers easily add and edit websites, banners, videos, quizzes, file hosting and more. We heavily integrate their products into our website through banners and videos. We love them because the banners can be edited in a snap.

Libyan Spider Libyan Spider is the top hosting provider of Libya, with over 70% of that market. They are also the premium provider of .ly the top-level domain of Libya. They have been generous enough to sponsor us with and, Erdély translating to Transylvania from Hungarian to English and Székely being the name of the ethnic group of people living in Easter Transylvania in the region of Székely Land.

Mayoo Open Cart is a solid open source ecommerce solution for some users, its fast, and easy to understand right from the go. makes some awesome must have modules and payment gateways to compliment Open Cart that you won't find anywhere else.

Namesilo There is one important factor to consider when it comes to going with a registrar to register or transfer your domain name, and that is price. delivers rock bottom prices when it comes to registrars and their customer support and services are excellent. Domain names are essential in branding your web presence and the more domain names you own the wiser it is to go with a registrar that delivers low prices.

WPJobBoard WpJobBoard makes a phenomenal Job Board plugin for Wordpress that will blow your sox off. Why do we like it? Its easy to understand right out the box, you install it and get right to it and post jobs to your website. The other unique feature is that it works within your existing template. WpJobBoard made a plugin with the user in mind and more programmers should take a lesson from them.

WooThemes When you are working with WordPress and need Themes, plugins or the number one ecommerce solution for WordPress delivered by Woocommerce then you need to turn to WooThemes. Their solutions are logical, well thought out and beautifully designed. They make something complex simple, and that is what makes their products easy to use, leaving you with more time to concentrate on the product you present to your customers.

Google Google is not only the leader in search and advertising but a champion in non-profit causes. Google products are pretty well marketed and their quality speaks for themselves, so therefore we wanted to focus on the tremendous support that they are to nonprofits. We are grateful to have them as a sponsor.